Dinner for 12

Each week, we sit in worship with a couple hundred people whose names and lives we don’t know that well. We are a friendly Church, but now we desire to become a Church of Friends.

We are in the final month of our first round of DINNER for EIGHT. The past couple of months, our small groups of eight people met for evenings of fun, food and conversation. We all had time to to laugh, get to know one another, share about our week and eat something nice together.

For the months of November and December, we are launching a special Holiday edition – DINNER for TWELVE. The intent of the larger groups is to serve as an outreach for our church. Please think of guests you can invite to join some of your Faith Family for a meal. Let’s share the true meaning of Christmas and reason for Thanksgiving – Jesus!

Here is how it works:

  • Sign up, in the Welcome Center or via the form below, and wait to be assigned to a group
  • Assigned groups meet once a month during November and December. At the end of December, we will sign up for the next round of Dinner for Eight.
  • You and your dinner partners decide when and where to meet. Your DF12’s can take place in your homes, local restaurants, the park, lake or wherever. You may choose to cook, order in, grill out, or have potluck.
  • Dinner for 12 Registration