Kingdom Agenda 20/20

Capital Campaign through Dec 31, 2020

Establishing a Clear Vision for the Future

Town Creek is a historic Baptist Church in Aiken. Our congregation was founded in 1859, in what was then the Edgefield District. The Church congregation originally met under a brush arbor for worship near what is today Gem Lakes. Many Christian believers have been baptized in Town Creek which still flows today all the way to Hollow Creek. Many Pastors have been called to full-time ministry and mission from Town Creek.

Our story is God’s story. Out of Town Creek many Sister Churches have been planted while our congregation outgrew two buildings in the original location. Over twenty years ago, Town Creek purchased our current property and began building our campus we enjoy today. The estimated cost of buying and building the campus was $6.5 million. We thank God for those who gave sacrificially so others may know Jesus.

Today, by the blessings of God, Town Creek is stronger than ever. We believe the Bible is God’s Holy Word. We believe faith alone in Jesus Christ is the only way for a person to get to heaven. We are a united Faith Family that wants to share this Good News with a watching world.

We are thankful for our rich heritage, but we know our future is going ot be even greater. Town Creek has endeavored to grow in our faith through our ministry offerings such as Life Groups, Intentional Discipleship classes and Home Groups. Every ministry in our Church from babies to Senior Adults is growing. We have set ambitious goals of starting new ministries like our new Christian Academy and our new Pro-life ministry. From the days of meeting under a brush arbor to meeting on a multi-million dollar campus, God has remained faithful to the Faith Family at Town Creek Baptist Church.

We know we grow deeper as disciples as wee Seek, Serve and Share Jesus.

Fast Facts

1994 – TCBC votes to build present campus. God is faithful.
1998 – TCBC moves into new campus. God is faithful.
1998 – Pastor Sirmans passes and Church is left without proper leadership. God is still faithful.
2008 – Bank is calling in loan because leadership was only paying interest on the business loan. God is faithful.
2008 – TCBC calls for a Chest of Joash and $150,000 was taken up to thwart banks attempts to call in loan. God is faithful.
2009 – Pastor Clint was called as Senior Pastor.
2009 – Finance Committee votes to refinance loan for five years (business loans are not like home loans, they must be renegotiated every 3, 5 or sometimes 7 years. Monthly mortgage payment is $22,000 per month. God is faithful.
2010 – The Sound and Audio in our Worship Center was in poor shape and people could not hear well. Pastor Clint requested a Sound and Audio Progression Team to lead the Church through the replacement process. TCBC paid off our new $250,000 sound system in one year. God is faithful.

2012 – A storm damaged our roofs. We needed $300,000 to replace all of our roofs. Pastor Clint instructed Pastor George to contact our North American Mission Board to refinance our loan through our Loan Finance office for Church Planting. We needed to refinance the loan balance of $1,500,000 while still needing the money on the roofs. They refinanced our loan for $1,800,000 and reduced our monthly payment to $12,000. Our loan was transferred to Baptist Church Loan Corporation (BCLC). Our interest money goes through this group to help other Southern Baptist Churches with remodels, refinances and other financial needs. God is faithful.
2017 – Once again time to refinance loan with BCLC. TCBC votes to refinance loan for an additional $490,500 as part of the Renew, Refresh, Replace initiative. This additional loan amount provided funds for remodeling of our main campus for the launch of Town Creek Christian Academy as well as making needed repairs on our 20 year old campus. God is faithful.
2017 – West Campus listed with a Christian commercial realtor for $395,000. God is faithful.

Town Creek Baptist Church has now been challenged by Pastor Clint to become debt free and released for ministry by December 31, 2020. By freeing ourselves of our monthly mortgage, additional missions opportunities will open for our Faith Family. We will also be able to do more with our current ministries such as our Christian Academy, our partnership with churches in Mississauga Ontario, our Pro-Life ministry, our outreach at Ashleigh’s place, and our many children programs like AWANA, Trail Life and American Heritage Girls.

Our Goal is Three-Tiered
Total Refinanced Loan:   $1,900,000
West Campus Valuation:     -$400,000
Mortgage Paid Off: GOAL 1 –   $1,500,000

Additional Repairs Funded: GOAL 2 –        $400,000

Contingency Fund Built: GOAL 3 –        $500,000

Please pray about this goal. We know that in a lifetime, individuals in our church could never write a check for the single great sum. What we do know is that God is faithful and His people together can accomplish whatever He wills to be done! We are so excited to see how God will once again show His faithfulness here at Town Creek. To God be the glory!

  • We will accomplish because God’s hand is with us.
  • When the opposition comes, and it will, stand up for Jesus.
  • We must all WORK together.
  • We all see the needs, we all must do our individual part.
  • Look around and see what God has done for us and what He is doing among us. See God at WORK and join Him.
  • Realize this is a good WORK.
  • Expect to be mocked or criticized. This happens every time God’s people do His WORK.
  • The WORK begins with our leadership first.
  • It is going to take all of us.

Every age can be involved, here are some ideas:

  • Donate a vehicle, boat, land, homes, stock, jewelry, etc.
  • Give a large financial gift.
  • Have a cookie sale and let children participate.
  • Make a craft and sell it.
  • Cut some extra lawns and donate the earnings.
  • Work some overtime.
  • Have a garage sale.

This campaign is NOT just about debt reduction…
It’s about the freedom to fulfill our mission;
To be a people who increasingly seek, serve & share Jesus Christ.

As a member of Town Creek Baptist Church, you know worship is our human response to the great divinity and wondrous mystery of our God.

You have experienced worship in the quiet place in your heart and in the noisy celebration of fellowship with others.

Your support of the Kingdom Agenda 2020 campaign will ensure that Town Creek has the capacity to continue creating opportunities for compelling and authentic worship that engages all people who seek Him.

Christ made it clear that when we serve others in His name, we are also serving Him.

Over the past 158 years, TCBC has responded to hurting individuals with compassionate ministries that meet both earthly and eternal needs. We are seeking to be internally strong, but externally focused.

With your support, TCBC can continue to be a compelling force for God in Aiken and far beyond.

Members of TCBC take the Great Commission to heart every day.

Our Faith Family seeks opportunities to make and grow new disciples in innovative and energetic ways – from forming new Life Groups to joining in-depth Bible study groups – from supporting regional impact ministries to sharing the Gospel in foreign lands – you’ve shown your commitment to spiritual grow time and time again.

With your support, you continue showing your commitment to Christ’s Great Commission.

The spiritual math is simple: Every dollar of debt we eliminate can be used to fullfill our mission.
God has been faithful through over 150 years of Town Creek Baptist Church’s history. We believe that becoming debt free through this capital campaign will further show God’s faithfulness. Our future will be one of a multi-generational Faith Family who continues to intentionally make disciples that seek, serve and share Jesus Christ!

Every dollar of debt and interest payment eliminated can be used for ministry instead. Our potential and opportunities for ministry are greater than ever before; both internally and externally. Internally, we will be able to finish repairs and updates to our campus while building contingency funds for future facility needs. As Town Creek Christian Academy grows, we will see many young people trained to be disciples of Jesus Christ. Ministries of our church will continue to reach people both in-house and throughout our community. Externally, our opportunities are exponential as more of our members step out in faith to follow God’s calling on their lives to impact our world for Christ.

Is the church struggling financially?
No. Recently the church refinanced our debt at low interest rates. Unless we undertake this campaign, we will have to provide $12,000 from our monthly budget resulting in less dollars for ministry opportunities and delays in needed repairs.

So why eliminate the debt now?
After paying monthly payments over the current 5 year loan, we can expect to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest alone. We will have over a million in debt remaining at the end of the five years that will have to be refinanced. By paying off the debt now, we will save on interest rates and keep our budget focused on impacting lives for God’s glory.

How much should i commit?
Only God can answer the question. As a Faith Family, we must each ask His guidance and give according to what we have been given by Him.

What about my regular tithe?
Because the church’s normal budget must still be met throughout the campaign, your generous gift should be in addition to your regular tithe and offering.

Can we do this?
No. As individual, weak human beings we cannot hope to accomplish this goal. But TOGETHER – with God’s divine hand upon our work – we can accomplish this and so much more!

This campaign will bring us to the starting line of a new era. Our past was just the beginning…

Pray for what God would have you do. Pray that others would respond to our call. Pray for all the people that will be reached for Christ in the months and years to come.

Give to our effort with whatever amount you feel led to give over the next 3 years.

Believe that God truly is calling you and all those in our faith family to greater things.