Fall 2014 Sunday Night Bible Study (5:00 – 6:30):

  • The Master Plan of Evangelism – “Few books have had as great an impact on the cause of world evangelization in our generation as The Master Plan of Evangelism.” – Billy Graham (Cost $5,)

Fall 2014 Monday Night Bible Study (6:00 – 8:00):

  • Precept Study in I John – This 11 week study will begin with a kick-off dinner and introduction on Monday, Aug 18th. (Cost $25, Facilitator: Mary Beth Avent)

Fall 2014 Wednesday Night Bible Studies (6:30 – 7:30):

  • A Modern Girls Guide to Bible Study – If you missed the first time we’re offering it again. Join this new Women’s Bible study featuring A Modern Girls Guide to Bible Study. Written specifically for today’s busy women, this book offers user-friendly advice on how to get the most from personal Bible study time. Transform the academic nature of Bible study into a fresh, simple format that will radically change the way you interact with Scripture forever. (Cost $10, Facilitator: Leah Brown)

  • Women’s Bible Study in the Book of James – Join us as we continue to apply the principles learned in A Modern Girl’s Guide to Bible Study by delving into the book of James to see what it means to “work out your faith.” (Cost: None, Facilitator: Chris Jeffery )

  • Intimacy: Embracing God’s plan for connecting with the women in your life (Video Based) Men’s Study – An ongoing men’s Bible study, currently studying Intimacy. Few men would ever embrak on an important project, a significant career change or a major athletic challenge without gathering all the tactical knowledge possible to ensure a good outcome. Yet when it comes to relationships with women, most men fail to apply the simple principles that make them successful in other areas of life. It may be easy to get into a relationship with a woman, but making a relationship work well involves more. It takes energy. It demands effort. It requires education and understanding. (Cost $10, Facilitator: Eddie Carter)

  • Experiencing God As you work your way through this twelve week study, you’ll find that you aren’t just completing a course. No, you are being remade, reoriented, restored from the frustration of what you have known as a stale religion. Captured not by concept but by your Creator, reborn in relationship. (Cost $15, Facilitator: TBA)

  • Visitation Team – As of the first of January 2014, we have had over 200 first-time Sunday morning visitors. Workers are needed to contact these visitors through personal visitation, phone calls, and cards. (Ongoing, Cost: none, Facilitator: Dori Brenneman)

  • Prayer Team – We come together each week to lift up the lost, our church family, and community in prayer. (Ongoing, Cost: none, Facilitator: David Harper )

Thursday Morning Bible Study (10:00 – 11:30):

  • Senior Life Adult Bible Study – Join us on Thursday mornings from 10:00-11:30 as we continue to work our way, verse-by-verse, through the book of Genesis (Cost none, Facilitator: Don Lemon)

Resource Links

Bible Study

Biblical Training.org – This site offers seminary-level classes that you can take for free on your own schedule.
Blue Letter Bible – Free online Bible in a variety of languages and versions.
Biblos.com – Free online bible study resource
Bible Gateway – Free online bible in a variety of versions.
Study Light – Free online bible study tools
Theopedia – Online encyclopedia of Christianity


True Life – Free, short video based answers to many difficult questions.
Answers in Genesis – Site for adults, teens, and children answering questions primarily related to the debate between creation and evolution
4Truth.net – Resource from the North American Mission Board (NAMB) to equip believers with answers to difficult questions.
Apologetics.org – Online resources to equip you to defend your faith.


Gospel Centered Discipleship – Online resource of discipleship materials that help make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus.
Multiply Movement – Free book and training videos to further equip you to make disciples of Jesus.


The Story – Online resources for an evangelism strategy that seeks to incorporate creation, fall, redemption, and restoration into the message of Jesus
I am Second – Online testimonial videos on a variety of topics from well-known individuals.


International Mission Board – The international missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention
North American Mission Board – The domestic missions agency of the Southern Baptist Convention
North America People Groups Project – Discover which people groups from around the world live in your neighborhood.
The Association of Religious Data Archives – Free resource to access a wide range of religious data and demographics.
People Groups.org – Reliable, relevant, and realtime information to help you engage unreached people groups around the world.
Operation World – Online resource to equip you to effectively and specifically pray for each unreached people group in the world.
Mission Frontiers – The news and issues journal from the U.S. Center for World Missions
Open Doors USA – Ministry serving persecuted Christians around the world