The purpose of our Adults Ministry is to encourage people to become followers of Jesus who seek to know Him, share life together, and serve the body of Christ locally, regionally, and globally.

We believe God has gifted each of us and intends for us to use those gifts within the context of our church family ministry. We all have a place to belong, a place to serve and a place to make a difference. Come join our adult Lifegroups and Discipleship classes. You will find your place within the church family and will grow in personal relationships while growing in your personal walk with the Lord.


Life is better when we do it together with people who care. Joining a Lifegroup is the first step to getting connected at Town Creek. These co-ed small groups meet on Sunday mornings from 9-10am and are specifically designed to foster community through bible study, fellowship, prayer, and accountability. We are currently studying through the book of Romans.

Geared to college-aged adults whether in school or the workforce. Meet Room 232 (Across the Bridge) and led by Chuck Bishop.

Our study material is bible based. Our unifying objectives are to love, worship and serve Jesus Christ and to continually grow in our knowledge of Him as revealed in God’s word, the Bible.

Throughout the year we attend conferences such as Converge or Passion in order to strengthen our walk with Christ. We solidify our friendships via fellowship activities such as laser tag, bowling, trampoline park or simple get-togethers.

In addition to the 9am Lifegroup, we meet on Wednesdays at 7:45PM for a worship, prayer and discipleship. All are welcome.

Meet in Room 205 and led by Steve Smith

Our Lifegroup is made up of age 20-29 singles who are unique individuals made in the image of God and seek a deep, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Each week we dive into various topics and study the passages given to understand the context of the Bible and application to our lives that God reveals to us. We also broaden our application and spiritual growth by having discussion about personal experiences, prayer, and reflection on the things God is accomplishing in our lives, the lives of our faith family, and our community. We also plan Lifegroup activities outside of the church facility walls that will offer a time of fellowship together and community outreach while growing even closer in a relationship with Jesus. So come, taste of the Lord and see that He is good. We welcome you!

Meet in Room 208 and led by Joey Lucero.

Our class is made up of young married couples. Some of us also have young children who we want to see come to know the Lord. Our desire is to serve God and learn more about Him through His Word. Each week we seek to learn more ways we can serve God in our church, community and workplace.

Meet in room 209 and led by Eric McGregor

Each week our group looks at the Bible and does our best to answer the following questions about the text: What do I see in the passage? (Observation), What does this mean? (Interpretation) and How does this apply to us? or How should this change us? (Application). Most of our group members are married and have children but we welcome anyone who would like to join us in searching out truth from God’s Word.

Meet in room 204 and led by Josh Ross

Meet in Room 202 and led by David Park.

We are made up of adults who desire to connect with God in ways that deepen our relationship with Him. Each week we share truths and principles discovered during personal study of God’s Word and make practical application of what we learn from Scripture and from each other as we share life experiences. Many of the adults in this class are parents of teenagers and college students, but all are welcome.

Led by Eddie Carter and meet in Room 203.

Our class is made up of adults who share the common bond of salvation through Jesus Christ and a desire to draw close to God through the study of his Word. Each week we study and strive to apply the principles we learn from Scripture in order to reach the shared goal of learning His ways and doing His work. We are committed to walking closer to God, to emulating Jesus Christ through our actions and interactions, and to growing closer in our bond to Him. All are welcome.

Led by Cliff Hardaway and meet in room 206.

Led by Wells Holland in Room 211
We have several great options for senior adults. These groups love sharing life together, ministering to each other, and serving our faith family.

  • (70-79) Richard Bragg in Room 102
  • (70-79) Rev. Don Lemon in Room 101
  • (80+) Bernard Rowland in Room 103

Our Senior Adults also meet for Bible Study every Thursday morning from 10-11:30. This study is lead by our Senior Life Pastor, Rev. Don Lemon.


We also offer a variety of both co-ed and single-gender intentional discipleship courses throughout the year. These short-term bible study groups will equip you to grow deeper in your walk with the Lord.

Regular adult discipleship times are Sundays at 5pm and Wednesdays at 6pm but additional home groups and studies occur throughout the week.

A Men's Bible study takes place during Wednesday night discipleship.


Starting March 2018, most of our Discipleship groups will be working through Pray Like This together.

In this study you'll see the significance of starting your prayers by acknowledging God as Father. You'll learn what it means for His name to be recognized as holy. You'll discover what you're asking God to do when you pray for His kingdom to come and His will to be done. You'll see what Jesus meant when He told us to ask God for daily bread. You'll understand the importance of asking for forgiveness in your prayers. The study ends by emphasizing the need to ask God to deliver us from the evil one.