A Place in the Father’s House (John 14:1-6)


Rev. Clint Smith
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God’s Plan God’s Command – John 14:1-6

Jesus told His disciples He was leaving and that they could not follow Him just that moment. This caused them great stress.

Jesus is the Great Consoler – He encouraged His disciples with a message of hope.

Jesus emphasized the need for a specific belief in Him.

Jesus spoke about the Father’s House, the place He would be and the place they would be if they had faith in Him.

Jesus explained His Divine preparation for Heavenly citizenship.

Jesus comforted His disciples by describing their Heavenly home.

Jesus told His disciples He was leaving, but He also told them He was coming to get them.

Jesus promised His disciples they would be with Him again.

Jesus reminded His disciples that they in fact knew the way.

In ignorance Thomas spoke said, “Lord we don’t know where You are going, how can we know the way.”

With great authority, Jesus described to them God – “I Am the way!”

Jesus added to His declarative statement by adding – “I Am the truth, and the life.”

In this tense moment, each disciple had to check His heart to see if he honestly believed in Jesus as Messiah.

Today is no different for us, we must actually believe Jesus is the way to heaven in order to go to Heaven.

Do we practice what we preach?

Are we living like Jesus is coming back for us?