Actively Seeking Right Standing with God (Matthew 5:1-6)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Actively Seeking Right Standing with God – Matthew 5:1-5

How do we as physical beings describe spiritual desire? One thing we know, it is natural for a man to want to worship. God put this desire in all human hearts. The desire to worship the One true God only comes by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Christians are constantly bombarded with “things or stuff,” which call for our worship and lead us away from our first Love.

As we have been looking at Jesus’ teachings in Matthew, we see Jesus began with the hearts of His disciples. Matthew 6:21

Jesus taught us if we want to enjoy the blessing of His spiritual nourishment, we must hunger and thirst after His righteousness. John 4:7-19; 6:26-40

Seeking a right relationship with God gives us spiritual fullness and purpose in life.

Jesus reiterates the importance of seeking after Him and not things of this world in Matthew 6. We should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

There are practical ways to seek after God: giving, good deeds, prayer, fasting, seeking heavenly investments, spiritual vision, full attention to His way of living, not worrying, studying His Word, trusting His Word, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is teaching about being joyfully complete in life. A top priority for the Christian is to purposely put Jesus first.

We can look to the last book in the Bible and see where Jesus warned the self-satisfied Church in Laodicea of their sinful state. He counseled the Church to open the door and let Him come in to His rightful place. He wanted them to hunger and thirst for righteousness, they wanted the pleasures of life. Revelation 3:14-22

Jesus wants us to pursue righteousness, not self-righteousness.

Can you hear Jesus speaking with you today?
What do you need to repent of – to get right with God?
Are you enjoying a complete and joy-filled life with Christ?