All for One and One for All (1 Corinthians 12:1-30)


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Rev. Clint Smith

All for One and One for All (1 Corinthians 12:1-30)

Paul coached the Corinthian Church through their ignorance in order that they may use God’s built in safeguards to ensure the spiritual gifts were from the Holy Spirit – not demonic mimicking.

God is the God of boundless diversities. God gives diversities of gifts, but there is no competition between the gifts given. One Spirit, one body, multiple gifts. Eph. 4:4–6; 11-12; Rom. 12:6–8; 1 Pet. 4:10-11

Paul clarified that the spiritual illumination and the enabling of the Holy Spirit was given individually to each Christian but was for the common good of all the Church. The Christian is given the spiritual gift, he or she does not choose it.

The gifts given to the Church at Corinth can be categorized into three groups:
1. Gifts of comprehension: (8) wisdom and knowledge,
2. Gifts of confirmation: (9,10a) faith, healings, miracles,
3. Gifts of communication: (10b-e) prophecy, discerning of spirits, unknow languages/tongues, interpretation of tongues.

Paul compared the Corinthian Church to that of the human body. Though they all were different and had differing gives, they all had their place and their purpose within the Body for the common good of all.

At conversion, every believer is baptized (spiritually transformed—united together) by the Holy Spirit into the one body of Christ.

Just as the created human body proclaims the sovereignty of God, so the Church of God using Her God-given spiritual gifts brings honor to Her Creator.

God constructed and arranged the parts in the body just as He willed with the best balance of function. When we exercise our gifts we please God.

Are you truly a member of the Body of Christ?

Are you exercising your giftedness today?

Have you asked God to use you according to His will?