B is for Baptism (Acts 8)


Rev. Clint Smith
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B is for Baptism – Acts 8:26-40

Recap from last week
• Philip listened to God
• Philip obeyed God
• Philip looked to see where God was at work around him

We recognize while God was calling Philip to a specific place and a specific person riding in a specific chariot, He was also preparing that specific person to receive His wonderful message of salvation in Christ alone!

  1. Salvation is God’s business. He sets the standard by which all people must be saved. John 14:6
  2. God was calling Philip to obedience and the Ethiopian to salvation. John 6:44
  3. Philip asked Biblical questions. Philip was prepared for his Divine Appointment.
  4. The Ethiopian asked questions that led him to the Truth.
  5. Philip gave the Ethiopian Truth. He gave him Jesus. We today must preach Jesus.
  6. The Ethiopian believed and was baptized by immersion. Salvation by faith in Jesus must always precede baptism.
  7. After baptizing the Ethiopian Philip was caught away by the Holy Spirit to his next God assignment.
  8. The Ethiopian went home rejoicing. Joy comes when people have a personal love relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.
  9. Philip traveled north and preached Jesus up the Mediterranean coast.
  10. The Ethiopian traveled south and preached the Jesus of Isaiah 53 and the Jesus of the New Covenant. Church history tells us he founded the Christian Church in Ethiopia.
    • Salvation is in Christ alone, by faith alone.
    • Baptism is for Believers. Baptism always follows belief in Christ.
    • We must always look to, listen to and obey God.
    • God is still at work all around us. We must join Him!