Baptist Faith & Message – Cooperation


Rev. Clint Smith
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Christ’s people should, as occasion requires, organize such associations and conventions as may best secure cooperation for the great objects of the Kingdom of God. Such organizations have no authority over one another or over the churches. They are voluntary and advisory bodies designed to elicit, combine, and direct the energies of our people in the most effective manner. Members of New Testament churches should cooperate with one another in carrying forward the missionary, educational, and benevolent ministries for the extension of Christ’s Kingdom. Christian unity in the New Testament sense is spiritual harmony and voluntary cooperation for common ends by various groups of Christ’s people. Cooperation is desirable between the various Christian denominations, when the end to be attained is itself justified, and when such cooperation involves no violation of conscience or compromise of loyalty to Christ and His Word as revealed in the New Testament. – Baptist Faith & Message 2000

Truth #1 – God expects Christians to mature in their faith.
Truth #2 – God expects Christians to live like Christians.
Truth #3 – God expect Christians to work for Him to accomplish His will on earth but also to receive all that He has planned for us.

1 Chronicles 3
Galatians 5