Breakfast with Jesus (John 21:1-14)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Breakfast with Jesus – John 21:1-14

Jesus visited with His disciples multiple times prior to His final ascension into Heaven. Jesus cares for His own deeply, with a love we cannot fully comprehend. Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Peter led a group of seven disciples to go back to fishing on the Sea of Tiberius (Galilee). They decided to return to what they where “good at.”

We must not forget; Jesus had earlier called the disciples to leave fishing for fish and become fishers of men. Matthew 4:18-22

The disciples failed at catching men and at catching fish.

Jesus watched the disciples from shore. He knew their hearts. He knew their failures, yet His compassion for them remained.

Jesus yelled out to the disciples in their failure, do you have any food? They were about a football fields length from the shore.

Jesus caused His disciples to admit their failure. Then He blessed them with a superabundant catch of fish.

John recognized it was Jesus on the shore. Peter jumped in and swam ashore. (This is the same water Peter walked on previously).

The disciples tugged the full net of fish to shore. They counted 153 large fish! Jesus did a miracle in their presence.

Jesus had a of fish and bread breakfast cooking on a fire. He invited the disciples to bring some of their catch and place it also on the fire.

Jesus took the bread and fish and gave it to each of them to eat. Jesus fellowshipped with His disciples.

This was the third time Jesus had revealed Himself to the disciples, after God had raised Him from the dead.