Discharging the Duties of Your Ministry (Leviticus 9)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Discharging the Duties of Your Ministry – Leviticus 9

Truth 1: Experiencing God requires obedience to His Word.
(v1-6) The people had a legitimate interest in seeing the glory of God. They came near the place God was going to show up.
(v7-21) Moses, Aaron and the people obeyed every detail God commanded.

Truth 2: God’s blessings always follows obedience to His Word.
(v22) Aaron (the temporary High Priest) pronounced a blessing upon the people who awaited a word from God.
(v23a) Moses and Aaron entered the Tabernacle. When they came out from God’s presence, they blessed the people. Numbers 6:22-27

Truth 3: Powerful worship results from God’s visitation.
(v23b, 24a) The glory of God appeared to all the people gathered to experience Him. The fire of God consumed the offering.
(24b) When God shows up, He will convict us, break us, forgive us, restore us, call us, transform us, direct us, empower us, save and us and sanctify us.

1 Peter 2