Finding Peace with God – The Fellowship Offering (Leviticus 3)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Finding Peace with God – The Fellowship Offering (Leviticus 3:1-17; 7:11-37)

Truth 1: The Infinite Holy God made the way for the worshiper to have real fellowship with Himself.
-God is holy and cannot allow any sin in His presence. No unholy man can enter His presence.
-Through the sacrificial system, God made a way for sinful man to be holy and come into His presence.

Truth 2: The Fellowship Offering, God’s Gift of Communion.
-The worshiper could offer the Fellowship Offering as a way to say “Thank You God!”
-The worshiper could offer the Fellowship Offering as a way to tell God his vow or promise was complete.

Truth 3: The Fellowship Offering was a foreshadowing of our current and future intimate fellowship with Our Infinite Holy God through the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God.
-We are living in the “New Testament of New Blood Covenant” Jesus made. He fulfilled the Law and the Prophets. Matthew 5:14-18
-We now have direct access to God through the blood of Jesus Christ. We can truly have peace with God! What a savior! Hebrews 9:11-15

Order of sacrifices to this point
The order of the sacrifices in Leviticus may carry a message about a right relationship with God.
-Chapter 1 describes the first sacrifice – the Burnt Offering to atone for sin. Sin had to be removed before a person could be in the presence of God.

-The next sacrifice is the grain offering, described in Chapter 2. That offering expressed dedication and thanksgiving to God.

-Then, once sin was atoned for and the worshiper had expressed dedication to God in worship, he or she was ready to enjoy fellowship with God. The order is significant.