God’s Final Great Tribulation Judgments (Revelation 15-16)


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Rev. Clint Smith

God’s Final Great Tribulation Judgments – (Revelation 15:1-8: 16:1-21)

God revealed to John great and marvelous sights that acted as a warning of terrifying and horrible events to come.

John saw seven angels who had the last seven plagues (afflictions, calamities). They are last because this will complete God’s Tribulation wrath.

John received a vision of those victorious redeemed worshipping before God. They overcame the beast, his image, and did not receive his 666 mark. John could not fully describe this great and marvelous sight.

The seven angels were sent from the presence of God to release His full, holy wrath on the Earth.

First Bowl Judgment: Loathsome and malignant sores. This holy judgment plagued anyone who worshipped the beast and had his mark, (666).

Second Bowl Judgment: The sea (saltwater) turns to blood. This holy blood judgment caused the sea to instantly turn foul and disgusting. Every living thing in the sea died.

Third Bowl Judgment: The fresh water – rivers and streams turned to blood. This holy judgment is recompence on bloodthirsty men because of their evil.

Fourth Bowl Judgment: Severe solar heat which scorches people. This holy judgment caused solar radiation to severely burn humans. Instead of repenting, the people who are burned by this heat cursed God’s name. They are blasphemers.

Fifth Bowl Judgment: Darkness and severe pain. This holy judgment was directed at the throne of the beast and his kingdom. Everyone was plunged into darkness and people gnawed their tongues because of their excruciating anguish and severe torment. They loved their wickedness and refused to repent. They continued to blaspheme the God of Heaven because of their anguish and their sores.

Sixth Bowl Judgment: The Great Euphrates River dried up. This holy judgment dried up the Euphrates River and removed a natural barrier which allowed nations from the east to sweep westward to join up with the forces of the Antichrist for the Battle of Armageddon. Satan will send spirits of demons to push evil men to the great day

Seventh Bowl Judgment: Massive earthquake and catastrophic weather and destruction. This holy judgment completed the Tribulation wrath of God. Extreme noises, booming thunder, and white bright lightning filled the atmosphere. A massive earthquake like never before on earth caused severe damage to Jerusalem and the rest of the world. Giant hailstones weighing about a hundred pounds each fell on people. Still, men refused to repent of their wickedness and they blasphemed God.