God’s Grace – It’s Worth the Fight (Acts 13-14)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Setting Sail on God’s Spiritual Journey – Acts 13:42-52; 14:1-7

We live in a day where everyone seems to desire the truth of their own choosing. There are a great many self-proclaimed experts pontificating about nothing, professing themselves to be wise but showing themselves fools. Unbelieving people despise God. (Romans 1:22-32)
1. Paul and Barnabas experienced God as they traveled. They knew He was at work around them.
2. Paul and Barnabas trusted the Holy Spirit to lead them. They prayerfully sought where God was at work and joined Him.
3. On their missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas picked the ripe fruit. (Acts 13:48; 14:1)
4. When God extended His grace to the Gentiles the spiritual fight began. Jealousy and Division arose among the religious unbelievers.
5. Paul and Barnabas grew bolder under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit as the fight grew. They relied on God, His Word and His leading.
6. It was the will of God that His Gospel be spread throughout the entire region. Paul and Barnabas were His mouthpiece.
7. Ironically, when faithful followers of Christ experience persecution, there is joy in their hearts. (Matthew 5:9-12)
8. The Gospel produced believers in Iconium.
9. Satan used the unbelieving to spread his poison of hate and division among the people of the region.
10. The Gospel of Jesus Christ divided the city. Many believed and were eternally saved. Many did not believe and were eternally condemned.

Considering the Word of God and the truth about the Gospel, where will you spend eternity?

Are you following the leading of the Holy Spirit? Do you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Is your hometown changing because of the grace of God within you?