God’s Great Grace & Mercy (Acts 9)


Rev. Clint Smith
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God’s Great Grace & Mercy – Acts 9:1-9

• How is a person converted?
• How does God take a sinful soul and transform it?

In our sermon today, we will look at Saul. He is a picture of God’s great grace and His great mercy.
1. Saul continued to rage against the church. This was his sin of choice.
2. Saul targeted only people of the Way. He asked the highest religious authority for permission to hunt the followers of Jesus.
3. While on his way to Damascus, the hunter became the hunted. God humbled Saul so he would listen. Saul was brought low for a season so Jesus could pick him up in due season.
4. Saul’s experience with Jesus forever changed his life. He would never be the same. 1 Timothy 1:12-17

The choice narrative. The tale of two Sauls.
• Saul of the Old Testament was from the tribe of Benjamin. He was chosen by God to lead the people of God. King Saul bitterly turned his back on God through his sin choices and failed his mission. Saul committed suicide on the battlefield and died in shame and reproach. (1 Samuel 9; 31)

• Saul of the New Testament was from the tribe of Benjamin. He was chosen by God to lead people to God. Saul in humility received and fulfilled his mission from God. Saul finished his race God had set before him. Philippians 3:3-11

When God extends His great grace and mercy to you, receive it humbly.
• Have you responded to the call of God on your life?
• Have you experience a changed life by accepting Jesus as your Savior?
• What lives have you impacted for the Kingdom of God?