God’s Master Plan for Christmas Part 3 (Luke 2)


Rev. Clint Smith
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God’s Master Plan for Christmas
Luke 2

Truth #1 – The Angel exclaimed God’s Master Plan.
(v8-11) The Angels appeared and announced the Good News of great joy (The Gospel).
(v12-14) The Angels told the shepherds specifically where to find Jesus!
(v26-38) God sent Gabriel to Mary (mother of Jesus) to announce the birth of the Messiah.

Truth #2 – The Shepherds experienced God’s Master Plan
(v15a) The Shepherds made a decisions to go and seek the Savior after they were told the Good News.
(v15b,16) The Shepherds found what they were looking for – Jesus.

Truth #3 – The Shepherds explained God’s Master Plan
(v17,20) After the shepherds sought out Jesus they celebrated and shared Good News.
(V18,19) All who heard the Good News were astonished.

What about you? Have you put your full faith in Jesus our Savior?
Are you sharing the Good News of Great joy?
People are still astonished today by this great message