Good Shepherd – Saved Sheep (John 10:1-11)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Good Shepherd – Saved Sheep – John 10:1-11

The actions of chapter nine of John, flow right into chapter ten. This is the same day with the same actors in the audience. Jesus challenged His disciples and those would be disciples to believe and understand His way. Followers of the Good Shepherd are rewarded for being obedient.

Jesus affirmed His preaching as true. He begins His words with, “Amen!, Amen!”

Jesus distinguished between the real hope that comes from following Him for salvation versus false hope offered by the Pharisees (false shepherds).

Jesus cares for the Flock of God.

Jesus’ sheep hear and know His voice. They follow Him.

Jesus knows His sheep by name and He leads them. Psalm 23

Jesus’ gives confident guidance to His sheep, because He goes before them. When they hear His voice they follow Him.

Jesus sheep identify false shepherds and flee from them.

The unbelieving audience were dull of heart and did not understand Jesus’ teaching.

Jesus declared another “I Am” statement to the crowd. With clarity, He stated He is the door of salvation.

Jesus called out the Pharisees and false leaders as thieves and robbers. Sheep will not hear their voices.

According to Jesus, the thief has one combined agenda – steal, kill, and destroy.

Jesus had/has for His mission: give His sheep abundant life.

Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He gave His life for all who would believe (His sheep).

Do you belong to Jesus today?
Are you one of His sheep?
Are you experiencing the joy of hearing the Shepherds voice?