He Is With Us (John 16:1-15)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Chosen – Keep This in Mind – John 16:1-15

Christ had divine care for His disciples. He strengthened them with hope for the days they would be caused to stumble.

Jesus spoke with clarity about the future persecution coming to each faithful follower of His.

The disciples were real men with real emotions. Sorrow had taken complete possession of their hearts. They were overwhelmed.

Jesus gave His disciples this truth – the work of the Holy Spirit is an advantage for all Christians.

The work of the Holy Spirit would bring conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgement against unbelievers.

Jesus told His disciples of their spiritual immaturity. He committed the Spirit of Truth to them so they might have a fuller and more complete revelation of Himself.

The Holy Spirit will always glorify Jesus. We must learn and model this truth.

Jesus taught the Spirit of Truth would reveal all of what is Christ’s to the disciples.

Jesus further explained that His Oneness with the Father gave them access to the wisdom of God the Father.

The Holy Spirit is the great Revelator!
Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ?
Are you walking daily with Him?
Are you maturing in your faith and wisdom?