How Dare You (John 2:12-25)


Rev. Clint Smith
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How Dare You – John 2:12-25

After the miracle in Cana, Jesus traveled to Capernaum. This is about a 20-mile journey. Jesus and his family along with his disciples stayed in Capernaum, a waterfront city on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus then traveled about 80 miles to Jerusalem because it was time for the Passover celebration.

Jesus entered the temple when He arrived in Jerusalem. He went to His Father’s house.

Jesus found merchants wrongfully profiting from the sale of needed animals for sacrifice and money changers inappropriately profiting from the exchange of foreign or pagan coins for temple currency (money approved by the priests to present as offerings).

Jesus made a whip of cords and cleansed the temple of the moneychangers and merchants because of His disgust at what they had made of God’s house of prayer.

Jesus passionately cleansed the temple of sinful, ungodly men. This is a picture of Passover.

Jesus proclaimed to the seller of doves/pigeons – “Get these things out of here! How dare you turn my Father’s house into a market?”

Jesus so strongly showed His love and compassion for His Father’s house that the event brought Scripture to the minds of his disciples. Psalm 69:9

The Jews questioned Jesus’ authority in cleansing the temple. Ungodly people never understand the ways of God. Isaiah 55:8-11

Jesus prophetically told them about His sufferings for their personal salvation. The Jews thought He was talking about the physical temple. They missed it!

John gave us a future truth for this time – Jesus’s disciples remembered and believed the words of Christ and the Holy Scriptures.

During the Passover many identified themselves with Jesus because of His signs and wonders.

Jesus did not stay with the people because He Himself knows we all are fickle and depending on human circumstances, will turn on Him. James 1:2-8