It is a Matter of the Heart (Luke 12: 1-34)


Rev. Clint Smith
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It is a Matter of the Heart – Luke 12:1-34

Jesus hates hypocrisy. Jesus has nothing good to say for people who profess their love for God yet continue in their sins. This type of person is self-righteous and headed for destruction.

Jesus taught human destiny is in the hands of God. A righteous person stands in great awe of God and they fear Him. Only those receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord will enter into Heaven.

Jesus emphasized God’s Divine knowledge and care for humans.

All of Heaven knows when a person is a faithful follower of Jesus.

Jesus stressed to His disciples the importance of an eternal focus. He must be trusted day by day. He warns the fools!

Jesus exhorted His disciples not to be anxious or worried.

Jesus used the beauty of nature as an illustration of how to much He loves people. He demonstrated we can and must trust Him.

Jesus gave His disciples their first priority. Worship Him first. Faithful followers of Jesus will seek after the things of God.

Jesus reminded His disciples to keep looking to God as they look to their future.

Jesus summed up the case for worship. Where people place their treasure is where their hearts are loyal.

Are you looking to God for your future?

Have you trusted Jesus to be your Savior and Lord? Would Heaven declare it?

Where is your treasure?