Jesus is Greater (Revelation 5-7)


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Rev. Clint Smith

Jesus is Greater – (Revelation 5:1-7; 6:1-17; 7:1-17; 8:1)

Power is contained in the seven-sealed scroll. The contents were so powerful only Jesus could take it and open each seal. Lawlessness reigns during this appointed time on Earth, in accordance with God’s plan and timing, one-by-one the Lord Jesus reveals the seven mysteries found within the scroll of God.

Only Jesus is worthy to open the seven-sealed scroll. He is in control.

The seal judgments are followed shortly by the trumpet judgments, and then the vial judgements. Each of the judgements are real future events.

Seal one – The white horse: The rider personifies a victorious government on earth which will make peace, although it will be fake and will not last.

Seal two – The fiery red horse: The rider personifies a government stirring the heart of man to unfettered war. Violence and murder reign; peace will not be found.

Seal three – The black horse: The rider personifies a government which is dishonest and oversees a world-wide famine.

Seal four – The pale green horse: This is Death and Hades – a personification of the fallout of the first three seals. One fourth of the population will die from the leftovers of war, disease, famine.

Seal five – In Heaven, believers who have been murdered for their faith in Jesus cry out to Him for justice. Evil men hate Jesus.

Seal six – Chaos erupts on Earth. It is time for God’s wrath. No one can stand against God.

God preserves, marks, and seals 144,000 Jews for His glory. God revealed to John the vast multitudes of Tribulation Saints standing before the Throne of God. Every nation, tribe, people group, and languages were there. Worship happens!

Seal seven – All the jubilant celebration in Heaven stops for 30 minutes – all is quiet. The seven trumpet judgments are ready to be sounded. God’s wrath is about to be unleashed on Earth.

We must not fear but we must prepare and share.