Jesus Makes Your Story Worth Telling (Acts 22:1-21)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Jesus Makes Your Story Worth Telling – Acts 22:1-21

Have you ever thought about why God put you here on earth?
Have you ever thought about why He keeps you here?

God is crystal clear in the Scriptures; He has a plan for His children. A plan to direct our way through life. Proverbs 3:5,6. Listen today to Paul’s story and be prepared to write your own.

Paul was beaten, bleeding and headed for death when the Roman commander and his army saved Paul. Why? God was not finished with Paul.

Though he had suffered a beating, Paul asked the commander to address the people. Paul knew there was a mix of Romans, believing and unbelieving Jews and other travelers who would be listening.

Paul shared his testimony. He respectfully addressed his audience and began to talk about where he was from and what type of individual, he was in his B.C. (Before Christ) days.

Paul told details that many in the mob knew. Some of the same crowd Paul use to run with were in the crowd. They knew his dirty secrets.

Paul gladly told of his conversion to Christianity. He expressed the pressure of being in the presence of Jesus there on the Damascus Road.

Paul expressed his thankfulness for the man of God named Ananias, who prayed for him, restored his sight, prophesied over him, baptized him, and discipled him.

Paul heard directly from God. He was saddened by his former life. He feared rejection from the Church.

Paul had remorse for his sinful lifestyle. His strongest memory he mentioned was when he participated in the martyrdom of Stephen. Acts 7:51-60; 8:1-3

Paul committed his life to Jesus, no matter the cost!

Do you have a story? Has God saved your soul?

Have you compassionately shared your salvation story privately or publicly?

What are you waiting for? Jesus makes your story worth telling!