Jesus Prayed (John 17:1-26)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Jesus Prayed – John 17:1-26

Jesus prayed to God the Father. He knew His hour had come and He would soon fulfill the plan of God.

Jesus prayed to God the Father in order that He may bring Him glory.

Jesus prayed the Gospel to God the Father, by which, He gave and gives eternal life.

Jesus rejoiced that His mission down here on earth was coming to completion. He was ready to return to Heaven from whence He came.

Jesus prayed and thanked the Holy Father for the disciples He had given Him. Jesus prayed that the disciples would be sanctified, (set apart for God’s purposes, making them holy) through the Word of Truth (the Bible).

Note: The best way to know the character of God is to read His Word and do what He says do and don’t do what He says don’t do.

Jesus prayed for us (those who have a covenant relationship with God), His twenty-first century disciples. He prayed for love and unity between us and the Godhead.

Jesus prayed for us to be with Him eternally! He desired we see His glory.

Jesus prayed to God the Father and recognized that the world does not know Him, but the righteous do.

Jesus prayed for the oneness of the Church.

Jesus prayed and declared the name and love of Holy Father to disciples of all ages. He prayed this so the love of God may be manifested from Him to us.

Jesus prayed for you! Are you living for Him?

Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?