Landscaping Schedule & Signup

There is a form at the bottom of the page. Pick a Team and I'll put you on the list. Make sure your team has gotten key(s) from Derek before your week.

Team 1

Dan Williams (803-257-3991)
Hugh Livermore (720-556-8118)
Steve Hightower
Ken Meeler
Juerg Hintermann

Team 2

Jeremiah Ledbetter (256-490-4905)
Joey Lucero (803-645-6191)
Zack Moulton (803-507-7043)
Brian Simpson (843-312-8420)

Team 3

Jonah Baynham (803-634-1727)


Team 4

David Park
Van Willing (803-646-3209)
Robbie Bradford (704-609-8175)
Jackson Bradford (803-679-3655)

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