Let Me Tell You What I Heard (Acts 9)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Let Me Tell You What I Heard – Acts 9:1-19

When God speaks, He always speaks with clarity.
God had to get through Saul’s head and his heart to change his perspective.
Jesus will change your mind when you listen.

  1. Saul heard from God. He encountered THE WAY on his way into Damascus (v.1-6) John 14:6. Saul knew he had a supernatural encounter with God. He trembled and was astonished.
  2. The security detail traveling with Saul heard from God. These men were prepared to arrest Christians, not be arrested by Christ. There were dumbfounded. (v.7-9)
  3. Ananias (a disciple of the Lord) heard from God. (v.10-17) He was ready to serve the Lord until he heard his assignment. He told the Lord “what” he had heard about Saul. (v.13)
  4. Judas (the homeowner of the house on Straight Street) heard from God. Whether Judas was a disciple or not, he heard the story of what Jesus did. He is part of the eternal story of Saul.
  5. The disciples heard from God. (v.18,19) Saul received his sight immediately, arose and was baptized. He ate food and spent time with the other followers of The Way! Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 2:37-39
  • God will accomplish all that He sets out to do.
  • God will break you to make you who He wants you to be.
  • Are you listening to God?
  • Have you responded to the Word of God?
  • Have you given your head and heart to Jesus?