Living With Holy Spirit Power (Acts 13)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Living With Holy Spirit Power – Acts 13:1-12

God accomplishes all that He wills. In our culture people inside and outside of the Church have created a god who vaguely represents the God of the Bible. God is calling His Church to live with Holy Spirit power!

The Church
1. The Church in Antioch was rich with Holy Spirit power because it was equipped by prophets and teachers to reach the world for Christ.
2. The Church in Antioch was refreshed with Holy Spirit power through worship, fasting and prayer. They experienced God.
3. The Church in Antioch had Holy Spirit power to release Barnabas and Saul to the global mission field.

The Missionaries
1. Barnabas and Saul had Holy Spirit power to physically travel and reach their world with the Gospel.
2. Barnabas and Saul had Holy Spirit power to spiritually resist Satan’s attacks. James 4:1-10
3. Saul, also called Paul, had Holy Spirit power to supernaturally do reveal the Holy Spirit’s power by performing miracles.

The Lost
1. Elymas (also Bar Jesus), the sorcerer had to retreat from the Holy Spirit’s power.
2. Sergius Paulus, the government official, was granted the privilege of receive the Holy Spirit’s power. By faith, he believed.
3. Those who heard the Gospel, those who saw the miracles, and those who heard their leader had believed on the Jesus, had to decide what to do with their unbelief. Would they respond to God?

1. The Holy Spirit has not changed. He is still active today.
2. People have not changed. They still live for sin and self.
3. Satan has not changed. He continues his same old lies and deceit.

Unfortunately, the Church has changed. We have become lazy and contented with a song and a show. God help us fan the flame within us.