More Mercy (Matthew 5:1-7)


Rev. Clint Smith
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More Mercy – Matthew 5:1-7

Mercy: a form of love, especially directed toward the needy or unworthy. God has been revealing His mercy throughout all generations. Today we explore and absorb the Word of God. We want more mercy from God, we want to be more merciful!

James 2:1-13 clearly issues a warning of not expressing true mercy in this life. If someone will not receive and give God’s mercy, then that same someone will receive God’s judgment.

In Exodus 34:1-9, God made a clear and definitive statement about Himself. God’s presence caused Moses to worship.

In 1 Chronicles 16:34, King David in thanksgiving to God broke out in worship. God’s mercy had the king’s focus on eternity. God will never stop His lovingkindness!

David gave us wonderful insight to the nature of God. David prayed thanking God for His mercy. Psalm 86:1-5

David clearly teaches us how to express our love to God in this brief life we are given. Psalm 103:11-22

Jeremiah shouts throughout time – God loves us – God is faithful! Lamentations 3:21-26

Jesus pronounced a blessing from God on the Believer’s life if we are merciful. Matthew 5:7

Are you merciful?

Do you desire to be more like Jesus?