Peeking in the Door of Heaven (Revelation 4:1-11; 5:1-14)


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Rev. Clint Smith

Peeking in the Door of Heaven – (Revelation 4:1-11; 5:1-14)

God’s throne is the origin and center of all history. God allowed John to take a peek into Heaven and see revelations of future events. John could only describe the glory and greatness of what he saw. The views he witnessed could only be described in comparison to things he knew. John was in the Spirit seeing holy, spiritual things. What an overwhelming experience!

John saw Heaven opened. He had a grand spiritual reception and was given grand revelations.

John transitioned from Jesus’ words to the seven Churches in Asia, to a God’s throne room in Heaven. His transition began with “after these things…”
Notice, Heaven is a real place. John had to reflect on the words His Master told him when he was younger and Jesus when He was headed to the cross. Jesus said He was going to prepare a place for His disciples. John 14:1-6

John appeared overwhelmed by the majesty and sights of Heaven. He heard unceasing praise of God coming from the twenty-four elders, the four living creatures who are before the throne of God, and the multitudes of angels. He experienced beauty and glory like never before.

John saw his Friend, his Savior, his God – Jesus Christ glorified and He saw Him presented as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and also as the Lamb who had been sacrificed.

John described with great delight, the beautiful, loud worship of Jesus in Heaven. “Worthy is the Lamb; worthy is the Lamb was and is repeated by the inhabitants of Heaven.

John heard blessings pronounced on the Lamb Who is worthy. Christ was and is to be honored repeatedly.

John released some of the lyrics of the “new song” (v9) in Heaven. With great joy the elders and creatures sang of God’s glorious redemption through Jesus.

The “new song” proclaimed the finished work of redemption. It also proclaimed the future reign of the saints for eternity.

Are we ready Church? Are you ready saint?