Finding Your PLACE in Ministry

What is PLACE?

PLACE is an intentional 6-session process designed to connect you into purpose-driven ministry through personality assessments, spiritual gift inventories, environment preferences and your life experiences. The first 5 sessions are spent in a classroom environment with a trained facilitator who will guide you through each component. The final step is a one-on-one session with a trained coach to review your assessments, answer any questions, and to identify potential ministry opportunities for you in our Faith Family. Through the PLACE process, you will discover that God has created and gifted you with a unique capacity to serve others.

Why is PLACE Important?

Because you have gifts and abilities the church needs! We believe every member is a minister and that PLACE will help connect you with God's ministry assignment. Consider Paul's lesson in 1 Corinthians 12. Not everyone is wired to be a pastor. We are all different, but we are necessary parts of the whole. The Bible makes it clear that if one part does not do its job, the whole body does not function well. But if one part does its job well, the whole body rejoices and is stronger. For this reason we are charged with knowing our gifts and abilities, so we can use them best to serve the church for the glory of God.

When and Where?

We have recently completed the PLACE course church wide and will now be offering PLACE as part of our new member's class. PLACE is also open to church members who have not completed PLACE or would like to go through the process again. Coaches are always available and we encourage members to schedule a coaching session as needed! Year-to-year our passions and experiences change and it is important that we serve where we are most effective, as God leads.


Please contact Michelle Miller if you have any questions regarding PLACE or to schedule a coaching session. You can email Michelle via the form at the bottom of this page. New members will be given the date/time that PLACE will begin after completing the Starting Point class.


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