Real Questions – Real Answers (1 Corinthians 7:1-16)


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Rev. Clint Smith

Real Questions – Real Answers (1 Corinthians 7:1-16)

The Congregation at Corinth had questions. Their culture was so divisive with sexual immorality, they needed guidance. The Apostle Paul helped with their questions head on with God’s holy truth.

Sexual immorality in relationships was within the Church. God provided clarity for believers through the Apostle.
Paul provided instructions to the singles, divorced, widowed, and the married.

Those who have never married should not have sex outside of marriage. If there is a struggle in thought and action with overpowering sexual temptations, get married.

Husbands and wives must fulfill their marital responsibilities toward one another with goodwill and kindness.

Godly marriage standards are so important, husbands and wives share mutual authority of one another’s bodies. The two have become one and are yoked together for life.

Intimacy is not to be dismissed in marriage except for a time of spiritual retreat which has been agreed upon by both husband and wife. This is the marriage partnership at it’s best.

Satan will attempt to deceive many who lack self-control, especially in the realm of human sexuality.

Paul gave this personal testimony, his singleness was a gift from God.

The unmarried were singles who were formerly married. The widows were singles whose spouse had died. Both groups were challenged to remain celibate unless they lacked self-control. They were instructed to marry if they “burned with passion,” in order not to engage in sexual immorality.

Christian married couples are commanded to keep their marriage vows. God hates divorce.

God commands Christians to live in peace. Personal relationships vary and God has answers for each. Humans complicate the simple plan of God because of selfish desires.