See the Glory of God (John 11:1-45)


Rev. Clint Smith
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See the Glory of God – John 11:1-45

Can anything good come from bad? We know our bodies are weak because of the original sin of our grandparents Adam and Eve. Since the beginning people have suffered through sickness, hurt, and even death. We face similar challenges in our personal and corporate lives today. Jesus revealed His power, the very glory of God, the day He raised Lazarus from the grave!

We must not miss the picture of resurrection in this chapter. God through His infinite mercy gave us a glimpse of glory.

Let (John 11:4,5) sink clearly in your mind as we study this Scripture. Jesus loved Martha, Mary, and Lazarus. The death of Lazarus was for the glory of God.

A side note, Lazarus’ name means “God has helped.” He lives in a town called Bethany, “House of affliction.” Jesus helped everyone experience a miracle so that they may believe.

Jesus’ disciples were worldly focused and thought Lazarus was just sleeping. They missed the Kingdom work Jesus was about to do. They lived very self-centered lives until the resurrection of Jesus.

The disciples warned Jesus of the potential threat of death against His life if He entered Bethany. They focused on death while Jesus was focused on life.

Lazarus had been dead four days by the time Jesus got to his tomb.

Martha, Mary, Jesus’ disciples, and everyone with them assumed Jesus was too late. Jesus knew He was right on time!

Do not miss this – Jesus wept! Jesus wept with His friends. Jesus wept because of His upcoming death, burial, and separation from God the Father.

Jesus commanded the stone to be rolled away. Martha was doubted Jesus’ methods. He asked her to have spiritual vision.

Jesus prayed to the Father.

Jesus commanded Lazarus to rise from the dead. Lazarus came out from the grave and was cut loose from his grave clothes!

Many of the Jews believed in the Lord Jesus that day.