Setting Sail on God’s Spiritual Journey (Acts 13)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Setting Sail on God’s Spiritual Journey – Acts 13:13-41

Barnabas and Paul had success along their journey. As they take God’s message to the world, many reject it, many receive it. So, it will be with us as week seek, serve, and share Jesus with our watching world.

Paul and Barnabas set sail from Barnabas’ home to fulfill the mission set by God in Acts 1:8.
Paul used his reputation of being a stellar Pharisee to preach the Gospel. When he entered they synagogue in Antioch Pisidia, he was given an opportunity to speak.
Paul knew his audience. He addressed the group of non-believing Jews and the believing Jews.
Paul used relevant history of the Old Testament to reveal the Christ of the New Testament.
Paul taught about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He preached – a living Savior.
Paul preached that God’s Word was sure. God fulfills His Word faithfully.
Paul preached there is forgiveness of sins in Christ alone.
Paul preached everyone who believes is justified from all things that could not be justified under the law.
Paul warned all who heard the truth not harden their hearts through unbelief. A harden heart is an unrepentant heart. Habakkuk 1:5