Whom Shall I Fear (Joshua 1)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Complete & Courageous Living – Whom Shall I Fear
Joshua 1:1-9

People struggle with fear. God wants Christ followers to trust exclusively in Him through faith. Like Joshua of the Old Testament, we can trust God to keep His Word! We are more than conquerors in Christ because the Holy Spirit lives in us.

Truth 1. God speaks with clarity.
  • (v. 1-4) God spoke clearly so Joshua would understand his assignment
  • By faith, Joshua listened and obeyed. Hebrews 11:30
Truth 2. God encourages specifically
  • (v. 5-7) God promised Joshua qualified success.
  • God promised to never leave Joshua nor forsake him. He committed His Divine Presence. Matthew 28:18-20
Truth 3. God commands expectantly.
  • (v. 6-9) God commanded strength and courage from Joshua. Romans 8:26-39
  • God commanded Joshua to not be afraid or dismayed.
  • God commanded Joshua to meditate and keep the Word of God near him. Success was promised.
Abouth Faith

Do you believe God in faith?
Are you struggling with unbelief?
Jesus loves you. He wants you to know His will so that you may obey it.
Do not fear – God is with you!