Simeon’s Song (Luke 2:21-41)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Simeon’s Song – Luke 2:21-41

Jesus was born under the law. Much of God’s word was fulfilled at the temple. Joseph and Mary obeyed the law of Moses and kept the covenant of Abraham. They were righteous people before God. Later they returned to the temple to redeem their Firstborn, Who was the Redeemer. Simeon saw God’s Salvation.

Joseph and Mary obeyed the covenant of God on the eighth day of Jesus’ birth by naming Jesus and completing His circumcision. Genesis 17:1-27

Mary had to obey the law of God for her purification. God left no confusion as to the order of His commands. Leviticus 12:1-8

Because Jesus was their Firstborn, God required a special sacrifice, which his parents completed. Exodus 13:1-15

God provided a way for Joseph and Mary to keep His law.

Simeon was a righteous and just man. He lived righteously before his God and he lived justly before his fellow man. He was filled with the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit confirmed to Simeon, he would not see death until he had seen the Lord’s Christ. This was God’s Messianic Hope!

Simeon was led to the temple by the prompting of the Holy Spirit. He saw Jesus and held him. He blessed God with a song/prophesy.

Simeon celebrated God’s perfect salvation. He celebrated that this salvation was for all people. John 3:16, Romans 1:16,17

Joseph and Mary were amazed at what was said about their son Jesus.

Simeon blessed Joseph, Mary, and Jesus. He prophesied of the future acceptance and rejection of Jesus.