Sometimes Paths Get Crossed (Acts 15)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Sometimes Paths Get Crossed – Acts 15:36-41

The early Church celebrated a victory of unity. God placed a burden on Paul’s heart. Like a loving father, he wanted to check on the new believers he discipled on his first missionary journey. Paul’s second missionary journey began ignited in controversy within the Church.

Acts 15:23-29 – The Apostles and elders of the Jerusalem Church settled the issue of salvation. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, they affirmed for themselves and for all believers that salvation comes through faith in Jesus finished work on the cross and by God’s glorious, unmerited grace.

The Jerusalem Church sent Judas and Silas (both prophets) as witnesses from the Jerusalem Council to the Church in Antioch. Judas returned to Jerusalem, but Silas stayed in Antioch.

  1. God had a plan to spread the gospel farther and wider than He had previously done.
  2. Barnabas was determined to take John Mark with them, Paul was opposed. This led to a disagreement just before leaving. Since the early Church, disagreement among the Saints has regularly reared its ugly head.
  3. Though human weakness was on display between Paul and Barnabas, God used it for His good and the good of those He called. (Romans 8:28
  4. Barnabas and John Mark sailed to Cypress. Paul and Silas journeyed north toward Tarsus. Two Christian friends divided over personal choice.
  5. Through proper cooperation, the Church in Antioch commended Paul and Silas to the grace of God. The Church blessed the Church is Christ name.
  6. Paul and Silas strengthened the churches as they traveled. Sadly, at this point, Paul and Barnabas worked several hundred miles apart.
  7. We can learn from the Scriptures how we should live. Our lives must demonstrate we are Christ Ambassadors to the world. (Matthew 5:11-16; Romans 12:1-21; Galatians 5:13-26)

Does your life demonstrate you belong to Christ?
Is there anyone in your past or your present you would avoid if your paths crossed?
Do you have room in your heart for forgiveness?