Soul Spotlight (John 12:20-50)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Soul Spotlight – John 12:20-50

The crowds amassed around Jesus. Jews and Gentiles came from all over the known world to celebrate Passover and to see the Miracle Man, Jesus. The rulers planned to kill Jesus because so many praised Him as King. Praise surrounding Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem accelerated the urgency of the Pharisees plot.

Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. This miracle and many more excited the crowds and infuriated the leaders.

People rallied to see Jesus. They wanted to meet Him and be near Him. They wanted a free miracle and or a feel-good show.

Jesus reported His time. He declared His hour.

Jesus required real faith from His followers. There is no secondary plan to serving God.

Jesus revealed His purpose to the people. Jesus glorified God.

God the Father responded and glorified Jesus.

Jesus renounced Satan and ousted him from authority.

The people rejected Jesus’ words. They relied on what they had previously heard. They stuck to the oral traditions of their leaders versus the prophecies in the Old Testament.

Jesus reassured the people, He was the Christ, the Light of the world and He promised they could become children of the Light, if they would only believe by faith in Christ.

The people refused to believe.

Jesus rebuked the faithless but rewarded the faithful.

Have you put your trust in Jesus as your Savior?

Are you faithful to His Word?