Spiritually Speaking – Special Delivery (1 Corinthians 1:18-25)


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Rev. Clint Smith

Spiritually Speaking – Special Delivery (1 Corinthians 1:18-25)

God has a clear message for the world. (John 3:14-21: John 14:6; Romans 6:23)

God has assigned messengers who are required to share His message with the world. (Romans 10:5-17)

As it relates to God, the world’s wisdom/philosophy is evil and lacks understanding. Systems of unbelief are driven by wicked and confounded men.

Through His messenger Paul, God asked four direct questions:
1. Where is the philosopher? __________________________________
2. Where is the scholar? ______________________________________
3. Where is the disputer of this age? ____________________________
4. Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? _____________

God has zero tolerance with willful spiritual ignorance. Romans 1:14-32

Although the world’s wise see preaching the Gospel of salvation in Christ alone as foolishness, this is how God revealed His wisdom. Isaiah 55:8,9

The unbelieving scholar seeks after extraordinary and astonishing happenings so they can see whether it is of a divine power or nature.

The unbelieving philosopher seeks after more and more earthly knowledge but rejects the truth of Holy Scriptures. Acts 17:16-34

Faithful followers of Jesus preach the truth of Christ crucified, dead, buried, and resurrected.

The message of Christ is offensive and is seen as foolishness to those who will not believe.

To those who are called by God from all walks of life, the message of Christ is the power of God and it is the wisdom of God. Romans 1:16

God created man. He is the potter and man is the clay. God’s wisdom is superior to man’s wisdom! Isaiah 64:8

God is the Life Giver. His power is intensity, infinitely, immeasurably greater than man’s power! Genesis 1:1; John 1:1