Stop Everything – Seek God (Joel 2:15-27)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Stop Everything – Seek God – Joel 2:15-27

Just as in verse one the shofar is commanded to be sounded. God has something to say to those reaping the consequences of their sins. God always prescribes the way to right relationship and fellowship with Him.

The Prophet Joel gave the people of God, God’s method for reconciliation:
1. Blow the Shofar – sound the alarm to safety.
2. Consecrate a fast. Stop everything – even eating.
3. Gather the people. God wanted to concentrate His people.
4. Sanctify the congregation. God wanted to consecrate His people.
5. Assemble the elders. God called out the spiritual leaders to lead in repentance.
6. Gather the children and the babies. This was a multi-generational message.
7. The Bridegroom was to leave his chambers. The bride was to leave her dressing room. They were to stop normal life and make God a priority.
8. The priests, mediators for the people of God to God, were to weep and call out to God. (Psalms 51:10-19)

If the people did what God commanded through His prophet, then God would have Divine compassion for the land and for the people.

When the people of God repent and do life God’s way, He showers them with blessings and protection.

God further encouraged His people with promises of great things to come. They would have a hope and a future.

God promised His people His Divine presence.

Do you know Jesus today as Lord and Savior?

Are you living like He is coming again?