The Good Stuff (John 2:1-12)


Rev. Clint Smith
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The Good Stuff – John 2:1-12

The Bible is filled with God showing us His loving kindness. His love is on display throughout the pages of His Holy Scriptures. While we may not be able to grasp the fullness of His care, we can daily live knowing He cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7

Simply put – God is the Source of abundance. Philippians 4:19

Jesus is God.

In John chapter 2, we take the master of the wedding banquet at his word about saving the poorer wine until the end of the celebration.

The master of the banquet addressed the bridegroom being celebrated thinking he had provided the best wine out of order.

The miracle of Jesus turning water into wine was a message. The message is, Jesus is not only a miracle worker, but He is also the Bridegroom Who should be celebrated! The Church is His Bride. John 3:26-36

The miracle was a picture of God’s redemption. He saved the bridegroom’s reputation and possible his marriage. Although the bridegroom had nothing to give, Jesus redeemed him and provided the good stuff!

The miracle was practical. Jesus abundantly supplied the need of the wedding banquet. Jesus is God Who provides.

The miracle was the first miracle Jesus did which launched His earthly ministry.

Through the miracle, Jesus revealed His deity and His great power publicly.

The miracle caused Jesus’ disciples to confidently believe in and trust in Him as the Messiah. John 20:31

Do you know Jesus?
Are you living daily like you belong to God?
Is Jesus proud of you?