The One from Heaven is Above All (John 3:22-36)


Rev. Clint Smith
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The One from Heaven is Above All – John 3:22-36

Judea means the “land of the Jews,” the Greco-Roman equivalent of Judah. As most of the Israelites returning from the captivity belonged to the tribe of Judah, they came to be called Jews and their land Judea. Jesus entered Judea because He had a mission to complete.

Jesus came to Judea with His disciples in order to make disciples.

John was in a well-watered area nearby Jesus. John continued his ministry until God caused him to finish. John finished well. Luke 3:1-22; Mark 6:14-29

John and Jesus baptized by immersion. Why?
• The Greek word translated “baptize” is the verb baptizo. According to most contemporary lexicons, the primary meaning is “to dip, plunge, immerse.”
• Baptism requires water. Matthew 3:11
• Baptism required plenty of water. John 3:30
• Baptism requires going down into the water. Acts 8:30
• Baptism requires coming up out of the water. Matthew 3:16, Acts 8:39
• Baptism is called a “burial” in Romans 6:4 and Colossians 2:12. Baptism is “into his death” and involves being “raised to walk in newness of life.”
• Finally, the testimony of church history is that immersion was indeed the mode of baptism practiced in the early church.

John’s disciples recognized Jesus’ ministry was growing and John’s was decreasing.

John celebrated because God had gifted him with years of ministry that he recognized was coming to completion.

John rejoiced in Christ ministry by saying, “He must increase and I must decrease.” John always put Jesus in His rightful place, first.

The Holy Scripture teach us:
• Jesus came down from heaven and He is above all.
• God is always true.
• Jesus had the full measure of the Holy Spirit leading Him.
• God the Father loves God the Son and has given all things into His hands.
• Anyone who believes in Jesus has everlasting life.
• Anyone who does not believe in Jesus shall not see life, but suffer God’s wrath.

Do you believe in the One from Heaven?