The Seven and Heaven (Revelation 1:19-3:22)


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Rev. Clint Smith

The Seven and Heaven – (Revelation 1:19-3:22)

In chapters two and three, Jesus spoke to and is speaking to His Church. The Church (the Ekklesia) is “called out” by God. He clearly declares He knows each Churches works. If we want to make a Kingdom difference in our world, we must work to be different from the world but never lose our love for Jesus. God has called the Church to be separate from sin to embrace fellowship with other believers and to be salt and light to the world. We must have eternity on our minds. Matthew 5:14; Acts 2:42; 1 Peter 1:16

Ephesus – The Church of sound doctrine but sorry love for (Jesus).
Key words – (remember, repent, return, and reward)

Smyrna – The Church who was poor but rich. They were fearful people.
Key words – (risk, righteousness, reward)

Pergamum – The Church who was compromised. They knowingly tolerated sin.
Key words – (reject, repent, reward)

Thyatira – The Church who allowed false teachings. They had evil associations.
Key words – (recognize, repent, reward)

Sardis – The Church which was dying. They were satisfied with mediocracy.
Key words – (rotten reputation, remember, repent)

Philadelphia – The Church who were faithful. They were loyal to Jesus.
Key words – (remain, recognize, receive, reward)

Laodicea – The Church who was self-satisfied. The were rich but poor.
Key words – (rich, realize, rebuke, repent, reward)

Repeatedly Jesus calls the Church to hear spiritually and obey His commands. His commands always come from His nature, a nature of love.

Jesus loves His Church. If you are saved, you are His.

In your personal life, which of the seven Churches does your spiritual walk resemble?

Are there any “key words” you hear the Holy Spirit saying to your heart?