There is a Way, There is an End (John 5:24-47)


Rev. Clint Smith
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There is a Way, There is an End – John 5:24-47

Every miracle, every word spoken by Jesus pointed to His invitation to the Kingdom. Jesus committed His life to saving sinners, this was His mission. Today we have a fuller opportunity to read and heed the words of Jesus for our lives.

Jesus summarized His ministry to mankind in (v.24). He prioritized faith in His words.

Jesus promised spiritual life to all who would believe.

Jesus clearly declared He was/is the Judge and that a day of judgment is coming.

Jesus’ judgment is always righteous.

Jesus proclaimed His divinity through the miracles He performed. Only God can do what Jesus did.

Jesus showed the religious leaders their unwillingness to turn from their sin and turn to Him – this is called lack of repentance.

The religious leadership proved to have no honor for God, Moses, Jesus, or God’s Holy Word.

The religious leadership thought they could have eternal life just by having the Scriptures.

How are we similar to the religious foes of Jesus?

How does our unbelief affect our actions?

It is time to repent and live for Jesus!