Washed and Ready for Service (John 13:1-11)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Soul Spotlight – John 13:1-11

The very God who knit these disciples feet together in their mother’s womb was now washing those dirty feet (Psalm 139:13-16). Jesus never wasted a moment; He constantly trained His disciples.

Jesus knew His time to return to the Father had come. Passover was His time. He was the sacrifice.

Jesus loved His disciples like only God can. He enjoyed fellowship with them.

Jesus knew Judas had heart problems. He knew Judas was under the influence of the devil and that he would betray Him. Jesus is a heart reader.

Jesus also knew God had put everything into His hands. Jesus was ready to return to the Father.

Jesus washed and dried the disciples feet after supper. This was typically a job for servants to do before supper. God demonstrated humility before His creatures.

Peter felt unworthy for Jesus to wash his feet. He initially refused to be washed.

Jesus acknowledged that the disciples did not understand what He was doing for them, but the time would come when they would have clarity of the act.

Jesus instructed the disciples about their spiritual cleansing. This type of cleansing only comes through the Holy Spirit.

Jesus spoke to Judas about his spiritual darkness. He told Judas and all of the other disciples that one of them was unclean.

Jesus is a heart reader. He read Peter’s heart and He read Judas’ heart.

Jesus is still reading hearts today. What is He showing you about your heart?

Are you a faithful follower of Christ?

Are you humbly serving Him with all of your life?