What a Difference a Day Makes (John 20:19-29)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Looking For Jesus – John 20:19-29

The disciples feared the unbelieving Jewish leadership. The authorities had gone to great lengths to destroy the person they believed to be the Messiah, (the Anointed One or the Chosen One of God). If they could kill Him, the disciples feared they could be next.

On Resurrection Sunday evening, the disciples (minus Judas and Thomas) left their homes and had a meeting. They secured the doors behind them, possibly planning for that most disturbing knock from the Judaizers.

To their surprise, Jesus showed up. In the middle of their deepest fear, Jesus walked right through their secure door and greeted them with these words, “Peace be with you.”

Luke 24:36,37, tells us Jesus startled and terrified them by His appearing. They were sure He was a spirit.

Jesus confronted and comforted His disciples. He asked the ultimate question we often ask – Why? He showed them His nailed scared hands and feet.

The disciples were amazed and overjoyed Jesus was there. They still were not fully believing. Jesus asked for food and ate with them. He allowed them to touch Him. He gave them the ability to believe in His resurrection and receive the Holy Spirit. Romans 10:1-17

The disciples later told Thomas of the events. Thomas wanted a personal, hands-on experience in order for him to believe. A week later, he received the very thing he desired. Jesus appeared again, walking through a closed door.

Jesus rebuked Thomas’ doubt. Thomas confessed Jesus as Lord and God.

Jesus committed a blessing on all future Believers. What a difference a day makes.

Have you received Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?