Whatever He Says, Do It (John 2:1-12)


Rev. Clint Smith
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Whatever He Says, Do It – John 2:1-12

This wedding was a historical event. The Hebrew wedding would often last seven days. It was most likely the groom and/or the bride were friends of Mary. They might have even been family. The close connection to the wedding party drove Mary to ask Jesus for help when the feast ran out of wine. Jesus redeemed the groom and the bride’s reputation!

The wedding feast began on the third day. The third day was a day revered by the Hebrew culture.

The wedding took place near Jesus’ hometown. Jesus revealed His glory first at a celebration of love with family, friends, and disciples.

Mary believed Jesus could solve the dilemma of running out of wine. She first went to Jesus with the problem. She then engaged others to obey Him.

Jesus respectfully addressed Mary. He clarified, “My time to act and to be revealed has not yet come.” He was informing her, He followed God’s timeline, not Mary’s.

Jesus commanded the servants to fill six stone water pots to the brim. Jesus always blesses in abundance. In obedience, they filled the stone pots.

Jesus commanded the servants to draw some liquid from the stone pots. The servants obeyed.

Jesus commanded the servants to take the liquid to the master of the feast and they took it. The master of the feast praised the groom and the bride for such superior wine.

By divine power, Jesus turned the almost 200 gallons of water into wine! He is the God who supplies.

This wedding is a beautiful picture of the Jesus redeeming sinful mankind. He is the God who saves.

Turning water into wine was the first of Jesus’ signs (attesting miracles).

Jesus revealed His glory by displaying His deity and His great power openly.

Jesus’ disciples confidently believed in Him as the Messiah.

Today, we can have confidence in Jesus!

Do you know Him?