When in Doubt Trust God’s Plan (Acts 25:1-27)


Rev. Clint Smith
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When in Doubt Trust God’s Plan – Acts 25:1-27

We have all had moments of doubt. Does God care when we are doubting? Will God be faithful every time a situation arises in my life? The good news is God does care and God will always be faithful. This is the nature of God. The nature of God is love.

When Paul had finally received protection and had established rapport with the government leaders, God changed the leadership. Isaiah 55:8,9

Festus, a new leader, wanted to please the people of the opposition, so he entertained the thought of allowing Paul to be murdered.

The religious leadership violated their own faith and wanted to make a judgment against Paul with mob rule. They asked for favors from the government, so they might kill Paul.

Paul faced his fears and exercised his God-given rights as a Roman citizen to appeal to Caesar.

God sent a higher-ranking King Agrippa to town to hear Paul’s case. Paul was on trial for preaching the resurrection of Jesus.

God orchestrated the opportunity for Paul to stand before many very important people of his day and share his testimony of faith. God brought all the leaders to an evangelistic Church service.

Paul watched where God was at work and he joined Him.

Though Paul did not know his future God did. Paul trusted God’s plan for each day.

Where do you turn when you do not know the way?

How do you depend on Jesus in the good times and the bad?

Are you praying about something that is serious and meaningful to you, but you have not heard from God?

When in doubt, trust God’s plan!