When the Church Chooses the Chosen (Acts 6)


Rev. Clint Smith
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When the Church Chooses the Chosen – Acts 6
God is all-knowing (Omniscient). (1 John 3:20; Psalm 139:1-18; John 1; Ephesians 1)
God is everywhere all of the time (Omnipresent). (Isaiah 57:15; Psalm 33: 13-14; Psalm 46:1))
God is all powerful (Omnipotent). (Genesis 1; Romans 8:35-39; Revelation 1:8)

The entire Bible shouts to the human heart
   – God loves you
   – God desires a personal love relationship with you through Jesus Christ
   – God’s will shall be done – walk in His will.

The Church – An organized body of born again Christians who are called out by God to fulfill His will. Let’s look at the early Church today.

1. The Early Church Experienced Growing Pains
   A. Within the Body there was a culture crash.
   B. Complaints arose that led to a food fight.

2. The Apostles Demonstrated Proper Church Leadership
   A. The Apostles listened, then clearly identified the problem.
   B. The Apostles clearly led the Church through the godly solution.

3. The Church Unified Around Its Leadership
   A. The Apostles continued in their calling – Praying and Preaching the Word following the Holy Spirit.
   B. The Church chose Deacons to serve them. The Deacons served the Church, the Church continued to fulfill Her mission.

Are you a born-again Christian?
Do you know your calling?
Have you looked to see where God is at work around you?
Have you joined Him?