When the Mission Moves (Acts 7-8)


Rev. Clint Smith
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When the Mission Moves – Acts 7:54-8:8
1. God’s ways are HIGHER than our way. (Isaiah 55:8,9)
2. God’s cannot LIE. (Titus 1:2)
3. God said the GOSPEL had to begin in JERUSALEM. (Acts 1:8)
4. The Church since Her inception has had a habit of getting COMFORTABLE.
5. God made the (Christians, “The Called Out Ones” – ekklesia (pronounced ek-klay-see’-ah).

In the message today we will see that the Church of God experienced Her first MARTYR. The Pharisee named Saul caused havoc as he punished the Church. Christians then and Christians now, need not fear, God has always had a plan.
   • The Church was commissioned and began Her mission in Jerusalem.
   • The Church experienced great growth and celebrated the goodness of God.
   • Many miracles and signs were done in the name of Jesus.
   • The Church was satisfied.

Saul brought havoc to the Church. The Church had to scatter. They scattered for personal safety but in doing so, they fulfilled the mission.
Saul arrested men and women. He drug them from their homes. He made threats of murder against the Church.
Saul harmed the Saints in Jerusalem.
What Saul did not understand was that the scattered Church was a sharing Church.
Saul who after salvation would be known as Paul would write to the Churches letters of encouragement to be bold and strong in the Lord and to trust His plan. (Romans 8:28)

   •God’s Church will always face persecution of some type on this earth. We must not lose heart.
   •Christians today can depend of the Holy Spirit for all things.
   •God can be trusted.
   •We must daily seek Him first and His righteousness. He will guide our paths. (Matthew 6:25-33; Proverbs 3:5-6)