Worship - Believers Experiencing God

This study will help us corporately come to unity of heart and life in our understanding and experience of God’s requirements and standards for worship. The quality of our worship is not based on our activities, the quality of the music, the eloquence of the preaching, or impressiveness of the building. Genuine worship originates from within our hearts. If our relationship with God is not healthy, all these things are nothing more than religious pageantry. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your worship, don’t be too quick to blame your environment. Look first to your own heart. Allow God to refine your heart until it is pleasing to Him, and you will be free to worship God as He intends.

We invite all Faith Family & Friends to join us for these Discipleship classes. Sessions are held each Sunday night at 5:00pm. You may attend in person or watch online. There are midweek followup groups to discuss the Sunday evening sessions, with online and in person options. See the bottom of this page for signups.

Week 1, Jan 10th - What God Did in Creation
Week 2, Jan 17th - Why God is So Central in Worship
Week 3, Jan 24th - What is God's Standard for Acceptable Worship
Week 4, Jan 31st - The Lifestyle of a Transformed Worshiper
Week 5, Feb 7th - Heaven's Pattern for Worship
Week 6, Feb 14th - What Would Happen if We Returned to Worship?

Week 1 - What God Did in Creation

Day 1 - What does it mean to worship God in Spirit?
Day 2 - What does it mean to worship God in Truth?
Day 3 - What did God require of Old Testament worshipers?
Day 4 - What does God require of New Testament worshipers?
Day 5 - What is the relationship between worship and the new birth?

Week 2 - Why God is So Central in Worship

Day 1 - What does God say about Himself?
Day 2 - How does the way we live and worship glorify God?
Day 3 - Why is God's name so important to Him?
Day 4 - What is the Sabbath?
Day 5 - Is the Sabbath still relevant today?

Week 3 - What is God's Standard for Acceptable Worship

Day 1 - Why does God require a sacrifice?
Day 2 - What kind of sacrifice does God want now?
Day 3 - When does worship become the offering?
Day 4 - Are you a getter or a giver?
Day 5 - Are you accepted or rejected?

Week 4 - The Lifestyle of a Transformed Worshiper

Day 1 - Worship and the Common Person
Day 2 - Worship in the Home
Day 3 - Worship in the Workplace
Day 4 - Worship in National Life
Day 5 - Worship in Spiritual Leadership

Week 5 - Heaven's Pattern for Worship

Day 1 - Worship and the glory of God
Day 2 - Worship and the authority of God
Day 3 - The eternity of God and how it affects us
Day 4 - Worship and the activity of God in history
Day 5 - Why is my response so important to God?

Week 6 - What would happen if we returned to worship?

Day 1 - Here We Are, Send Us!
Day 2 - Worship and the Early Church
Day 3 - Why Christians Gather
Day 4 - Worship and Missions
Day 5 - Now It's Our Turn

Sign Up for Midweek Followup

Weekly sessions will be available Sunday nights at 5pm on campus and online. Please choose the midweek followup participation option that best suits your schedule. Even if you are choosing to do an individual study track, we would appreciate your sign up so that we can touch base and send you the midweek material.