The Worship Ministry at Town Creek exists to facilitate our motto of Seek, Serve and Share Jesus Christ. Our worship programs are purposely and prayerfully crafted together each week to accomplish this goal. This includes our song selection, our leading of worship, our special performances, our media slides and operation of the sound system.

We believe it is important to involve the whole body in worship and seek to do so by offering a blended worship including hymns, praise choruses and worship songs of faith. This ministry reaches multiple generations, encouraging more participation than spectatorship. Our method is music, our message is Jesus, and our reason is ETERNITY.

Church Membership is required to be a part of the Worship Ministry. No matter your spiritual gifts, there is a role for you and a place to serve.

Worship & Choir

One of the most powerful and uplifting experiences is the dynamic of many voices lifted together in passionate worship. It is pleasing to God, fulfilling to the worshiper, and a great source of encouragement and inspiration to God’s people. The Worship Choir strives to prepare the hearts of those before us for the Word of God. It's also our desire to prepare the heart of the Pastor as he brings the Word to the people. You will have a role in that work as a choir member and will find choir to be a place of great encouragement, support, strength, refreshment, musical challenge and fulfillment. Most of all, you will find yourself in an atmosphere of worship and reverence to the King of kings and Lord of lords!

The Worship Choir is made up of adults called by God to sing for His glory. When you join the worship choir you bring more than just your voice. You bring your heart and your passion to worship God. The Worship Choir rehearses weekly on Wednesdays from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in the Worship Center. We welcome new members any time of year and would love to have you join us this week! Auditions are not required to join.

Our Worship Teams are a subset of the choir that take a more active role in leading the congregation and performing solos. These positions do require an audition and additional rehearsal time. We are always looking for those in our Faith Family with these special God-given talents.

Instrumental Worship Teams

The Instrumental Worship Team serves as the foundational instrumental accompaniment for our Worship Choir and other special events. We are looking for students and adults who have the necessary experience on their instrument. If you have a talent on any instrument, let us know. Don't hold back because you may think that your instrument doesn't fit our Worship Service or that someone else is already in that role. There is a place for you to use your specific talents for the Lord Jesus Christ in the Worship Service, special events, children's ministry and more!

This group meets weekly for rehearsals in the Worship Center each Sunday from 8:00am-9:00am.

Media/Tech Teams

We are looking for those who are technically gifted and would like to learn to run our sound board, lighting and media slides for the Worship Service. The burden of this is currently placed on too few people and we are looking for additional volunteers.

This role may be behind-the-scenes but it is just as important as any other in preparing hearts for worship. Imagine if we did not have sound amplification of the choir or Pastor during service. Without this team, the Worship Service as we know it would not be possible.


If you are interested in our Worship Choir, or if you have any questions, please email us at or via the form below.